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"The only thing predictable about life is unpredictability."
- Ratatouille

Mama Chef Meals™

"Gather together with food, faith, and family at the kitchen table"
​​Do You Want To Have Warm Homemade Meals Without
Having to enter The Kitchen?
Are you busy and you don’t have time to prepare a full family meal?
Are you unfamiliar with cooking and afraid
to try new recipes?
Do you need to take a break from cooking?

Then the Mama Chef Meals by The Kitchen Table is exactly what you need!

Don’t spend the whole day in the kitchen
trying to make enough food for too many people.

Have home-style chef-prepared family meals of your choice 
without having to enter the kitchen!

You can have it all together, balance family & career, Make this "boss" move!

Send us an email at [email protected] or call us at
225-993-3479 NOW and we will prepare the family meal of your choice from selected menu for you!