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Mama Chef Meals™

"Bringing together food, family, & friends"
​​Do You Want To Have Warm Homemade Meals Without
Having to enter The Kitchen?
Are you busy and you don’t have time to prepare a full family meal?
Are you unfamiliar with cooking and afraid
to try new recipes?
Do you need to take a break from cooking?

Then the Mama Chef Meals by The Kitchen Table is exactly what you need!

Don’t spend the whole day in the kitchen
trying to make enough food for too many people.

Have home-style chef-prepared family meals of your choice 
without having to enter the kitchen!

You can have it all together, balance family & career, Make this "boss" move!

Schedule ahead, and we will prepare for you  10 servings of the meals you prefer.
Mama Chef Meals™ will make your life much easier and it will cost you just $125!

Send us an email at info@dianakitchentable or call us at
 225-401-9377 NOW and we will prepare the family meal of your choice for you!

"The only thing predictable about life is unpredictability."
- Ratatouille

Mama Chef  ​  

Becoming a Great Mama Chef

Though not so easy to perfectly manage, being a mama alone is an exceptionally beautiful experience very much cherished by every woman on the globe. A key component in succeeding to be an amazing one who sustains a healthy and happy home is realizing and taking advantage of the magical powers of always serving the perfect dish, in other words ‘‘Becoming a great mama chef’’.

The food we eat plays a vital role in our mood and our general sense of well-being. Investing more of our time and focus on ensuring that we eat healthy while practicing good cooking habits can bring enormous happiness to our homes. The power of healthy food which provides us and our families with the daily nutrients we need is very much underrated and often linked with boredom especially in this era which has seen the production of thousands of chemical food and energy supplements. Cooking is an art and with very little knowledge and sufficient assistance from a passionate professional caterer, you will successfully make your kitchen a place of bonding and solace.
The tight schedules and daily workloads of some executive, working and even stay at home mamas give them the impression that becoming a great chef at home is impossible. Achieving this doesn’t necessarily require that all your time is spent in the kitchen and this has been specifically facilitated by catering companies like The Kitchen Table. For example, the constant need to regularly visit the grocery store for fresh food ingredients even before preparation has been eliminated with the possibility of getting quickly delivered ready to eat table meals. This saves time.

Food preparation can also be a used as a great social tool for normal family dishes as well as events like Thanksgiving, birthdays, etc. With a few cooking classes, cooking parties, or cooking demos, you can grab winning kitchen tips while enjoying every experience. Hiring a great caterer to assist while you partake in group cooking for events will go a long way to make the preparation for the events as enjoyable if not more than the event itself.
A few of the tips which can be employed to make you a great mama chef and the numerous benefits are outlined below;
CLEANLINESS; The golden rule for a great mama chef’s kitchen is ensuring EVERYTHING is always clean. This would potentially extend towards every other section of the household, guaranteeing good health.
Cooking in small quantities and throwing a few varieties can effectively keep your children interested in cooking and meal hours.
FAMILY BONDING; Engaging other family members in friendly kitchen activities builds strong bonds.
Studying and understanding the specific likes of your household can be very helpful in striking the perfect balance between choosing what’s most nutritive and best for the different meals of the day.
It’s important to purchase and make accessible the various equipment necessary to facilitate all the processes involved in food preparation.
Extensive awareness on more of the specific health concerns related to the food your family consumes, for instance, allergies and food poisoning, will be enhanced alongside learning the best ways to prepare amazing time-saving dishes for home consumption or events parties with assistance from hired professionals. All these will guarantee healthier lives in general for your entire household.